Hannan & Seddon for the last ten years has been a member of New Zealand Law an association of similar sized law firms throughout New Zealand. There are currently some 56 New Zealand Law Firm members. Through New Zealand Law there is ready access to information, resources and expertise in a wide range of legal fields. Being a member of New Zealand Law is a great way to keep apace with legal practice in the 21st century. 
Hannan & Seddon: PO Box 8 Greymouth Telephone 03 768 4169 [email protected]
Whitcombe Guinness & Kitchingham. Address: PO Box 247. Greymouth 7840. Telephone: 03 768 9581. [email protected]
Carruthers & Wetherall PO Box 127, Greymouth Telephone 03 768 7454 [email protected]