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West Coast property buyers and sellers now have at their service a new real estate business, Greg Daly Real Estate with experienced professionals Greg and Deedee Daly as owners.
Greg Daly was born and educated in Ashburton and on leaving school, he trained as a stock and station agent for Dalgety.
With Dalgety, he had several postings around New Zealand before heading abroad on his "big OE" in his early 20s.
He intended just a six month trip, but returned six years later with his future wife, Deedee, from Canada. They settled into life in the Grey Valley having bought into a local country pub and remained there for 13 years, thoroughly enjoying the hospitality life, with a few late nights or early mornings.
In 2000, Greg was employed by Michael (Mike) Curragh at PGG Wrightson in Greymouth as the company's rural property salesman.
Those early times were very tough, similar to the financial crisis more recently, but Greg continued to achieve excellent results.
More recently, Deedee came on board as the residential and lifestyle saleswoman. Although she began her career with many negative local impacts, she too achieved solid results.
After 35 years in the stock and station business, Michael Curragh decided to take the bold step to move on and try other ventures.
Not long after that, Greg and Deedee also decided to go it alone and quickly renewed the "team" by asking Mike to come on board.
Now, with a combined 60 years of service to the rural farming community this small enterprising team is ready to achieve big results in the future.
Greg Daly has consistently been achieving in the top five in the country in rural farm sales since he started in real estate.
His strengths are honesty, communication, respect among his peers and farming clients, and sincerity that channels back into repeat business.
Deedee has these virtues too and adds a wonderfully cheerful outgoing personality which makes her stand out among her peers.
"Now with this old/new combination, what makes us different? We are a small team with many many years experience. We all have a willingness to succeed and a passion for delivering results satisfying to both sellers and buyers alike," the trio says.
Greg Daly Real Estate sell all real estate types.
Their strengths are definitely rural based, but they see a need too for residential/lifestyle sales and Deedee has proven skills in this area.
Greg will keep the farm sales turning over and Michael will continue what he knows best - customer satisfaction.
"This is a great opportunity to achieve more for West Coast customers, as well as the strong contacts and referrals to other real estate companies that have seen businesses built up over the years."
Greg Daly Real Estate will strive to deliver a nationwide package.